1961 to 1970 (151)

Birthday Watch January 1964! Seiko Cal 2451 Sportsmatic JDM SUWA 17J Automatic Watch (OH)


Birthday Watch March 1968! Seiko 5 6119A-8020 SUWA 21J Automatic Watch (OH)


Collectible! January 1963 Seiko Cronos 7189950 Self-Dater J13050 "Water Proof" 21J DAINI Mechanical Watch (OH)


Collectible! Circa 1960s! Audemars Piguet Classic Cal K2120 36J 18K Solid Gold Case Automatic Watch (OH)


Collectible! Circa 1960s Juvenia Cal 765 Octo 17J Mechanical Watch (OH)


Birthday Watch December 1964! Seiko 6218-8971 Seikomatic Weekdater SUWA 35J Automatic Watch (OH)


Birthday Watch November 1969! Seiko 5146-5001 TV Presmatic Weekdater 27J Automatic Watch (OH)


Collectible! Circa 1970s Rado Manhattan 108 ETA 2798/2780 25J Automatic Watch (OH)


Birthday Watch December 1970! Seiko Lord Marvel 5740-8000 Version 3 Linen Dial Hi-Beat SUWA, 23J Mechanical Watch (OH)