Horology refers to the "study of time and the art of measuring it". In our collection you'll find everything to do with vintage timepieces that are meticulously maintained, craft designed straps and accessories.

Horology (486)

Birthday Watch June 1965 Seiko 6218-8950 Seikomatic Weekdater SUWA 35J Automatic (OH)


Birthday Watch June 1967 Seiko 6602-9981 Sportsman Calendar 17J Mechanical Watch (OH)


Birthday Watch September 1967 Seiko 5 6619-8050 Sportsmatic JDM 21J Automatic Watch (OH)


Restored! Birthday Watch March 1962 Seiko Liner 3140 15010E 14K Gold-Filled SUWA 23J Mechanical (OH)


Birthday Watch July 1963 Seiko Cal 560 Crown Seikosha JDM 19J Mechanical Watch (OH)


(Used) Casio Edifice Signed EF-132D-1A4V Oyster Design 22mm SS Watch Bracelet and Spring Bars


Birthday Watch March 1961! Seiko Cal 4361 (436) Sportsman 17J Gold-Filled Mechanical (OH)


Birthday Watch October 1966 Seiko 6602-7030 SUWA JDM 17J Mechanical Watch (OH)


Birthday Watch September 1974 Seiko 5740-8000 Lord Marvel Version 3 SUWA, 23J Mechanical (OH)