Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm  Self-Dater
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Birthday Watch 1963! Seiko Cal 395 (8325) 36.5mm Self-Dater "Proof" SUWA 39J Automatic Watch

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Make: Seiko
Type: Automatic
Model: Seikomatic Self-Dater SUWA
Year of Production: 1963
Movement: 395 / 8325A
BPH: 18,000
Number of Jewels: 39
Hand and Dial: 3D Solid Gold Baton Indices with Dauphine Hands
Width: 37mm
Height: 46mm
Thickness: 12mm
Lug Width: 19mm
Bracelet: Brand-New Hi-Quality Genuine Leather Strap with Gold Buckle
Pouch / Box: Brand-New EVA Type Zipper Pouch


According to most legitimate online information available, the Seiko 395 (39J) made its debut in 1963. It superseded the 394 (24J) movement introduced in 1962.

This movement was predominantly used in the Seikomatics. The objective was to create a day to day high-quality timepiece with a date window for the rising number of affluent executives. This watch surpassed that expectation in flying colours.

The Seiko 395 is also known as the 8325 when Seiko began adjusting all 3 digit model numbers to 4 digit in the early 1960s.

For Seiko Collectors and Vintage fans, THIS IS A PRE-SUWA (logo) Seiko Seikosha in near mint condition, hence the Cool Spinner Logo instead. It is a Collectible due to its age, hacking feature, 395 movement and AD status (proved by the 6 pointed unique star) and the "Water-Proof" AKA "Proof" Dial. I cannot find any other Seikomatics having 39 jewels or more before the introduction of this timepiece.

This extremely rare Seiko Self-Dater is a sight to behold! It's original ivory white Dial and Chapter Ring are in pristine condition after a good cleaning, however, the silver baton indices, hands, and date window do show signs of Patina (Wabi-Sabi = The Perfect Imperfections / The Imperfect Perfections) forming.

The timeless cylindrical shaped silver case was buffed as best as possible; however, there are some hairline scratches present. The glass is original and was given a good rub-down but nonetheless, hairline scratches are still present.

The crown is located at the traditional 4H position and is nicely tucked away to prevent snags or damage yet easily accessible. The date and time quickset works flawlessly by pulling out the crown to the first and second levels accordingly.

The movement was carefully stripped and meticulously cleaned via ultrasonic immersion, oiled, re-assembled and calibrated in September 2022. It should be able to operate unhindered for the next 5 to10 years thereby giving the owner peace of mind.

Equipped with the well revered 395/8325 movement, it has 39 Jewels that operate at 18,000 beats per hour (BPH) giving it excellent accuracy and longevity. The time-grapher, after 60 hours of calibration, shows excellent readings i.e. rate of -1 second every 24 hours and amplitude of 270! Such readings are exceptional even by brand new modern automatic watch standards whereby the accepted tolerance is -20 to +40 seconds a day! This is a testament to the quality, excellent power reserve and longevity for such a vintage timepiece, the meticulous care provided over the years, and of course the painstaking expert calibration conducted.

The case width and height are approximately 36.5mm (without crown) and 45mm respectively. The lug width is 18mm and the strap length can accommodate wrists up to 21cm; hence, this watch is suitable for men and the modern women.

A brand new beautifully crafted hi-quality genuine cherry brown leather strap with matching stitching is provided to enhance the colour of the case and dial. The Buyer has the option to choose a different design and colour strap from my array of straps should he / she wishes to do so.

To the best of our knowledge and expertise when overhauling the timepiece, the watch is 100% original Seiko components from this particular watch. No parts were replaced with aftermarket parts or modified thereby it is considered in near MINT condition.

Due to its age, this timepiece has not been water-resistant tested.

The pictures provided show the watch's case in pristine condition (no dents, dings and major scratches), and the movement within squeaky clean and well maintained. It has also been demagnetised to improve parts reliability, minimise wear & tear, and improve accuracy. The only drawback is the lack of documentation and original box. An aftermarket box or purposeful carrying case will be provided instead.

Seldom can one find a vintage watch that offers this and more. Yes, there are many other same / similar models in the market, BUT none are as well-kept and maintained as what you see here, and with an attractive price to boot. So, it is a no-brainer that this one-of-a-kind watch will make an extremely beautiful birthday present for that special someone born in 1963! Another no-brainer is the fact that the value of this watch will appreciate over time.

Bear in mind that this watch has seen many of the previous owners’ ups and downs in life, and should be cherished and well taken care of for the next generation to savour such engineering beauty.

Do also bear in mind that it will cost between S$ 180.00 to S$ 200.00 for an overhaul, an estimated S$ 80.00 to calibrate (depending on watch condition), and S$ 100.00 to polish including tightening of bracelet links - these costs do not apply when purchasing this timepiece. So, if anyone was to sell such a timepiece at a low price yet claim that it has been serviced, one has to ask what kind of servicing was conducted, if any.

This is a truly magnificent Seiko 39J Self-Dater SUWA in superb condition with a beautifully preserved vintage dial, very good indices, hands, movement and case; so, be unique and use something that is almost impossible to source.

This is a must-have for the Seiko die-hard fan, or any vintage watch fan for that matter!