Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA
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Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA "TV" 21J Automatic Wrist Watch Timepiece

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The Seiko 6319 movement made its debut circa October 1976.

The 6319 is an improved version of the 6309. It comes with 21 jewels instead of 17, it was supposed to be more accurate and was used in many Seiko 5 models.

This is a highly sort-after Seiko 5 SUWA, Model 6319-5021 "TV" 21 Jewel Automatic Watch with a two-toned "Fading Face." The 6319 movement is becoming scarcer as the days go by thus, it is not only a classic vintage but beyond a doubt, THIS WATCH WILL BECOME A COLLECTORS ITEM IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE.

This beautiful watch was properly stripped and every part meticulously cleaned via ultrasonic immersion, oiled and re-assembled in January 2023. It should be able to operate without servicing for the next 5 years at the least.

This seldom seen February 1980 Vintage Seiko 5 "TV" has a simple yet beautiful Two-Toned "Fading Face" Dial, well preserved 3D silver Indices, Day / Date window and hands.

The "TV" square shaped silver case was buffed as best as possible and looks awesome but miniscule hairline scratches may be present but unnoticeable unless one is searching for them. The crystal is original and is in very good condition. Everything within the case including the crown is 100% original thereby it is considered in almost mint condition, what with its age of 43 years being taken into consideration.

A brand new vintage designed black leather strap with silver buckle is provided as part of the deal. 

For Seiko Collectors and Vintage fans, THIS IS A SEIKO 5 SUWA in fantastic condition.

The crown is located at the traditional 3H position and neatly tucked away to prevent damage and unwanted snags. The date / day quickset works flawlessly by pulling out the crown to the first level for date and day adjustment, and the time setting is via pulling the crown to the second level.

The Day is in French and English - Cool!

Equipped with the 6319 movement, it has an impressive 21 Jewels that operate at 21,600 beats per hour (BPH) giving it excellent longevity and accuracy. 

The case width and height are approximately 36mm (without crown) and 41mm respectively; and the lug to lug strap is 22mm; hence, its size is suitable for men and the modern women.

Due to its age, this timepiece has not been water-resistant tested.

The pictures provided show the watch’s case is in excellent condition (no dents and major scratches). It has also been demagnetised to improve parts reliability, minimise wear & tear, and improve accuracy. The only drawback is the lack of documentation and original box. A nice purposeful carrying case or box will be provided.

Seldom can one find a vintage watch that offers this and more. Yes, there are many other same / similar models in the market, BUT none are as well-kept and maintained as what you see here, and with an attractive price to boot. So, it is a no-brainer that this one-of-a-kind watch will make an extremely beautiful birthday present for that dear someone born in February 1980!

Another no-brainer is the fact that the value of this watch will appreciate over time. Bear in mind that this watch has seen many of the previous owners’ ups and downs in life, and should be cherished and well taken care of for the next generation to savour such engineering beauty.

This particular watch model is valued between S$ 93.00 to S$ 258.00 on various auction / online sites from really horrible, un-serviced or "as is" condition to refurbished pristine models. It is being sold here for S$ 190.00 which is extremely reasonable for such a good quality conditioned watch.

Do also bear in mind that it will cost at least S$ 300.00 to overhaul service and polish such a watch, and another S$ 50.00 odd for a brand new genuine vintage leather strap - these costs do not apply when purchasing this timepiece.

This is a truly magnificent February 1980 Seiko 5 SUWA 6319 TV in excellent condition with a well preserved vintage dial, chapter ring, indices, hands, movement, inner bezel and case; so, be unique and use something that is almost impossible to source.

Seiko 5 6319-5021 1980 February SUWA "TV" 21J Automatic Wrist Watch Timepiece