A. Shipping

Shipping Country List & Costs

Note that auction item final bid prices do not include shipping. For the moment, we offer shipping to the following countries. Please contact us if you require shipping to a country not listed below:

  • Local (SGD $5)
  • Singapore

  • ZONE A (approx SGD $30 / USD 23)
  • Malaysia
  • ZONE B (approx SGD $49 / USD 38)
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand

  • ZONES D-F (approx SGD $63 / USD 48)
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

B. How to Place Bids

1. Search for Items

2. Check Auction Item Details

  • When you find an item you want to bid on, begin by checking the item details.
  • Carefully check the item photos provided. Note that photo lighting and composition may differ.
  • If you are happy with the item, proceed by clicking the 'Place Bid' button.

3. Place Bid

Enter your bid price into the field to bid on the item. The "Current Bid Price" will automatically be updated for the user with the highest present bid.


What is the Minimum Bid price?

The Minimum Bid is the lowest price to purchase the item, as set by the seller. The Minimum Bid is only displayed when the auction starts. If the last finishing bid's price is lower than the Minimum Bid, the item will NOT be won.


What is Proxy / Automatic Bidding?

  • Automatic bidding is a feature that automatically bids between the current price and the maximum amount of your upper limit budget (maximum bid).

  • First, enter the upper limit of the budget that you can pay. If other people are bidding, the automatic bidding feature will be activated and the system will automatically re-bid in the price range until your maximum bid amount is reached.

  • The automatic bidding feature will keep working and be updated until your bid surpasses the maximum bid placed by the other bidders or your entered maximum bid is reached.

  • Additionally, if no one bids against you before the auction ends, you can win the item at the lowest starting price when your bid was placed.

4. Bid Placed!

Every bid or use of buy now is binding. That means you cannot amend, retract or revoke your bid (except by bidding a higher amount). We are not responsible for any errors you make in bidding so when bidding, always double-check you have entered the correct amount, especially when making a last-minute bid.

You can check items that you are currently bidding on from your Account Page.

You will automatically be notified if you win the auction.

5. Pop-corn bidding

What is pop-corn bidding?

To cater for last minute auction bidding, bidding will be extended for a set amount of time (approx. 3-5 mins) after the official bidding period has ended. To allow for this, you can set an automatic bid with a higher amount in order to beat other last-minute bids (especially if your internet connection is slow)

NOTE: Even if you are not using automatic / proxy bidding, please ensure the auction has fully ended so that you are not outbid by another bidder in the last few minutes. 


C. No cancellation and returns

Please be aware that we do not accept requests to cancel an order once the purchase has been completed/an auction has been won. Items are tested and serviced for functionality - there will be no returns and cancellations after a successful bid or purchase, so again please consider and review the item carefully beforehand.